Buyers Ad Guide

Buyers can source products in our store in two ways. The first is to scroll through the list of items submitted  on our store or use the search feature on our store or in individual vendor shop.

Another way is through buyer’s Ad. You can submit a post indicating you need a specific product or service. Be sure to include necessary details to get the right seller/vendor.

When you post a buyer Ad, we will also notify our verified vendors and retailers selling such products or offering such service.

Posting of Buyer Ad

Buyer Ad should be posted with the following details.
1. Name of product/service
2. Short description with reference to size, color, model, quantity needed, condition of item.
3. Preferred area of collection or location of for pick-up.

4. Deadline for purchase or estimated.
5. Price range
6. Preferred mode of payment. Please note that it’s safer to shop with points on our site to be protected by our policy.

Example of Buyer Ad

Product name: Accu-Chek Blood Sugar Monitor – Glucometer
Description: I prefer product that can determines blood glucose levels, fast and accurate, suitable for self-testing, test from fingertip or other sites, least painful lancet device technology, 500 results memory capacity
Collection: I’ll prefer to receive at home
Deadline: Latest 15th August, 2018
Price Range: N10,000 or negotiable.
Prefered Payment: Pay With Shop Points

Where To Submit Buyer Ad

You can submit buyer’s Ad in Health2Wealth Facebook Marketplace or use the form below.

To submit in Health2Wealth Facebook Marketplace visit: Health2Wealth Marketplace

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