Jetro Testimony Of Royale Grape Seed Anti-Aging Facial Mask For Mature Skin


Hello folks, my name is Jetro Olowole. I want to write this testimony about my experience participating in a  Royale Grape Seed Anti-Aging Facial Mask demo from Health2Wealth Wellness Store.

It was sometimes March 2018, I was invited to a Royale product presentation in Lagos. During the product demo, the instructor, one Mrs. Tejiri, ask for volunteers for the Grape Seed Anti-Aging Facial Mask demo.  I quickly signified interest.

Three of us were used. After the procedure which lasted about 30 minutes, I can feel the result instantly.

I have dry skin type. But after the facial demo, my face feel soft like a small baby skin. Besides, I noticed the stress that was obvious on my face disappear.

After the demo, the instructor showed us how we can prepare same from home. You know DIY stuff. It was interesting.

So, after the procedure, I bought the Grape Seed cup and the SKN White moisturizer cream for younger skin since I am still below 40.

Grape Seed Anti-Aging Facial Mask Pack Deal

Royale Beauty Grape Seed anti-aging facial masks use the antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids in grapes to fight aging. This is a do-it-yourself facial mask.

₦16000 ₦18500


Ever since, I used the Grape Seed Anti-Aging Facial Mask 2 to 3 times weekly. It has helped me to overcome stress, exposure to sun and UV.

I can feel now that the effect of dry skin I normally have has subsided.

I will recommend this for anyone interested in looking younger than their real age.

People always tell me I look younger than my age and I tell them the secret is God. But what I don’t often say is that the secret is in one of the natural fruits created by God – Grape Seed extract.

Note that studies have shown grape seed extract supplements can actually boost the levels of antioxidants in your blood. It has also been known to protect the collagen and elastin in your skin– the proteins that give your skin elasticity and firmness. You’d have to eat over a pound of grapes to get the same benefit as you do from 50 mg of the supplement!

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