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On this page we would like to introduce and guide you along one of our key features : Shop Points (SP).

You may earn Shop Points through various activities throughout our website; Completing a Purchase, Refer a friend with your referral or coupon code or through other promotions or events that we may be having.

What is Shop Points?

Shop Points(SP) is equivalent to the amount of cash you have in our system. Consider it the amout of money you are willing to spend at any given time. You may view your Shop Points balance and transactions on your Account page. You can also transfer Shop Points to a friend as a gift. There is no expiry date for all Shop Points.

How do I use Shop Points?

You may use Shop Points(SP) for all purposes on our website. You can use Shop Points to order product, pay for deals, pay for shipping or advert, pay for services from all members. Our conversion rate is 1SP = ₦1.

You may also shop around our SP Shop for items that are available for purchase using Shop Points. There is usually a greater value in shopping around our SP products!

If you wish to cash out your Shop Points, simply ask. Please note that any amount you authorized for withdrawal wil be removed from your point.

How To Fund Your Shop Points

You can fund your Shop Points in various ways outlined below. In the future, any other means of funding will be added.

  1. Bank Deposit/Transfer: You can deposit money to your bank account or make a transfer to fund your Shop Points. If you wish to do so, visit the payment page to get our bank detail to make payment. After your payment notification, your Shop Point will be funded with the amount you deposited.
  2. Commission Bonus Point (CBP): The commission you earn as an affiliate or when you promote our products with your coupon as a Shop2Wellness or Shop2Wellpreneur member will be paid to your Shop Point account. You can make withdrawal anytime you wish.
  3. Product/Service Sales: Sales from your store or shop will be deposited in your Shop Points account pending withdrawal.
  4. Gift Transfer Point (GTP): You can fund your SHop Points account from gifted points from other member. This is based on personal arrangement between you and another member.
  5. Award/Reward: You may qualify for a monetary award/reward when you reach certain milestones with us. The admin may also reward you for performing certain task on behalf of the association. All monetary award/reward will be deposited in your Shop Points account.

New Shop Points Booster Pack

Starting from September 2018, we we will be implementing Shop Points Booster Packs that allow you to purchase the Booster Packs for more Shop Points! You can then use the Shop Points to redeem discounts for your purchases or redeem free gifts! For the loyal shoppers looking for more discounts or more value, this is for you! Booster Packs will come in denominations of ₦5000, ₦10,000, ₦20,000, ₦50,000 and ₦100,000. Each Booster pack brings you additional savings of 3% to 10% on top of all our promotions!

Health2Wealth reserves the right for all final decision of dispute, and reserves the right to alter and change our program policies without notice.

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