Save N500 On Royale Gluta Power Whitening Soap

Save N500 On Royale Gluta Power Whitening Soap

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Royale Gluta Power Soap is the perfect whitening soap to include in your everyday beauty regimen, formulated with powerful antioxidants that lighten the skin while keeping it nourished and protected.

To have a fairer and more beautiful skin, you need to consider not only a product’s whitening capability but also its ability to keep your skin nourished, protected and moisturized. L-Gluta Power Whitening Soap is the perfect beauty soap to do that. It is formulated with powerful ANTIOXIDANTS: L-Glutathione and Vitamin E to whiten your skin while keeping it SMOOTH, NOURISHED and REJUVENATED.

  • Effectively whitens the skin and even out skin tone with regular daily use.
  • Reduces dark spots, freckles, and pimple marks.
  • Rejuvenates the skin with the help of mild exfoliation.
  • Moisture and nourishment for a healthy glowing skin
  • Pefect for whole body skin whitening

Within the first few days of using L-Gluta Power Whitening Soap daily, you will immediately notice a mild exfoliation of dark and dead skin cells. As you continue to use it daily, you will see that your skin tone is becoming lighter and glowing. Use it for the next few weeks to achieve a fairer and flawless skin. We’re confident that you’ll love it!

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