Shoppers Ranking System

Introducing Shopper Ranking System (SRS)! SRS is a system that will allow you to climb up the ladder as you go along on our website to gain various benefits such as Bonus Shop Points, better promotions and discount codes!

As you start spending more on Health2Wealth Wellness Store, we will not let your money go to waste! Not only will you be able to collect Shop Points (SP), you’ll be able to climb our ladder of ranks to receive better benefits!

It is similar to airline miles and ranking system!

Benefits of Ranking Up

  • Bonus Shop Points upon Rank Up
  • Bonus Advertising Points upon Rank Up
  • Better Promotion offers
  • Higher discount codes
  • Higher Priority Services
  • Many other benefits as you climb the ladder

We value Shoppers who stick with us! This is one way for us to recognise all of you!

Different tiers of Ranks and their immediate bonus:

Rank Lifetime Spending (₦) Advertising Points (₦) Shop Points (₦)
Newbie Shopper 10,000 - 20,000 1,000 -
Bronze Shopper 20,001 - 100,000 2,000 1,000
Silver Shopper 100,001 - 200,000 5,000 2,000
Gold Shopper 200,001 - 300,000 10,000 3,000
Platinum Shopper 300,001 - 500,000 15,000 4,000
Diamond Shopper 500,001 - 1,000,000 25,000 5,000
Elite Shopper 1,000,000+ 50,000 10,000

Other than Immediate Bonus, we send different promotions & discount codes to Shoppers of different ranks. For example, a Gold Shopper will definitely receive a better discount code or promotion as compared to a Newbie Shopper.

This is our way to thank the Gold Shopper for your continuous support. In an example, Gold Shopper may receive a discount voucher for ₦10,000 on a promotion month but the Baby Shopper will receive only ₦1,000. This is an example, there are many more other benefits that a higher rank will enjoy from Health2Wealth Wellness Store.

Elite Shoppers

Congratulations, this is the highest rank tier of Health2Wealth Wellness Store as to date. It was an amazing feat getting here and you are the most valued Shopper of our store.

To get here, you must have shown ultimate support of various forms to Health2Wealth, and we would like to thank you for your support.

All Elite Shoppers members are exclusive in all aspect of our business. You are literally experiencing ‘First-Class’ on our website.

For starters they will get a dedicated number and Whatsapp service that will only exclusively be available for Elite Shopper members. You don’t have to hold on the line, call the office or wait for anyone to be available to serve you. We have a customer service line dedicated just for the Elite Shopper members throughout the year, all 365days.

You’ll also be invited to Private tea sessions and private showcase of our latest product additions. You’ll have the chance to interact with other Private Club members which may include individuals from the Health Industry, Hotel & Tourism Industry, Wellness and Beauty companies. You’ll also be able to purchase  products that may have not yet been available to the Public. You will stand first priority in purchasing new arrivals and be on the priority list for all your orders.

We will try to adjust our delivery dates, times and order specification to the best of our ability to your preference. However, do understand that sometimes certain conditions may be impossible to fulfil. Please do not worry, we always try our utmost best for our Elite Shopper members. If it is possible on the slightest chance or on the tightest deadline, if it has a chance, we will make it happen. However we do ask for your understanding that we may be unable to fulfil certain conditions as much as we wish to do it for you.

Every time you make a purchase on Health2Wealth Wellness Store or call us on the dedicated Private Club number, we will identify you as an Elite Shopper member and your order(s) will be made priority.

Criteria of the Elite Shopper ranking is ₦1,000,000+ in Lifetime Spending. After attaining Elite Shoppers status, for the next calendar year onwards, you are required to maintain a spending of at least 20,000 per calendar year to maintain your Elite Shopper status.

Scenario A: Mr Fred reaches ₦1,000,005+ in Lifetime Spending in August 2018 on Health2Wealth Wellness Store. He will be in Elite Shopper status starting from September 2018 and enjoy all the benefits and events of the Elite Shopper. In 2019 January to December, Mr Fred will have to make a purchase of minimum 20,000  throughout the calendar year. If he fails to maintain an annual purchase of ₦20,000  throughout 2019, on 1st January 2020 Mr Fred will be removed from Elite Shopper list and be demoted to Diamond Shopper. He will then have to complete a total purchase of 20,000 within any calendar year to be promoted back into the Elite Shopper.

Elite Shopper is the highest on the list of our priority and like its name, the list of members in it is and will be maintained private. Only the higher management will be attending to the Elite Shopper members.

Health2Wealth reserves the right to all of this information, its copyright and infringements. Health2Wealth also reserves the right to alter and change its policies, rank criteria and data without notice.
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